Scientific Content: How to Make it Accessible and Interesting 

איור של כיתת לימודי רפואה

Shock, panic, negotiation, depression, acceptance – these are the five stages content writers often go through when faced with the daunting task of crafting complex scientific content. I know these stages intimately from my time as a lawyer specializing in patent law, a role that required distilling intricate scientific information into digestible pieces for individuals […]

Medical Content in the Marketing Funnel: Are Diseases all alike? 

תוכן רפואי

There is a problem with statistics. On one hand, statistics are highly appealing, especially in a complex world like marketing and consumerism. On the other hand, the statistical picture can be significantly biased when examined in depth. This is precisely what may happen to marketers using medical content in the field of healthcare.  Dr. Google […]

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