We believe that the internet must be available and accessible to all, regardless of circumstance and ability. We aspire to ensure compliance with accessibility regulations for content online at the AA level. Compliance with these regulations helps us to ensure that the site is accessible to all: people with visual impairment, people with motor deficiencies, epilepsy, colour blindness, cognitive challenges and more.


The Grinder site was designed to be suitable for all users based on the requirements of Equality of Rights for People with Challenges (service accessibility adaptations) of 2013 and in keeping with the recommendations for web content accessibility recommendations (WCAG) 2.0


  1. The website is written semantically, with accepted HTML tags and hierarchical content. In addition, ARIA (accessibility adaptations ) attributes are embedded in the site in order to ensure that blind users employing screen readers can read, understand and enjoy the site’s functions.
  2. Images containing ALT tags (alternative text) which provide clear, simple information about the image’s content.
  3. Font size on the site is selected to ensure it is easy to read as well for users with visual impairment.
  4. Content is suitable for all popular screen-readers, including JAWS and NVDA.
  5. The site is adapted for keyboard surfing: this includes the ability to surf the website by using the Tab and Tab + Shift keys to open menus and selected fields with the arrow keys and to close them by pressing Esc. This includes clicking buttons and links by pressing Enter, surfing between radio elements and marking boxes using arrow keys, and filling them in using the space bar or Enter key.
  6. The site was designed with contrasting colors which are comfortable to read, including for small-font text.
  7. Users employing hearing aids may experience headaches or other issues due to the automatic sound. This site does not contain any automatic sound.



There are certain elements which are not accessible by default. For this reason we have created an accessibility interface which allows people with specific disabilities to adapt the website to their individual needs. Access to these possibilities is through pressing on the blue accessibility button with the wheelchair icon on the lower right hand corner of the screen.

The individually-adapted specifications on the users computer are saved for 30 days, so there is no need to re-define them every day. These are the options we offer in order to provide an excellent user experience for all users:

  1. Legible font – We found that the text on the site was to difficult to read for some users with visual impairment. We make it possible for all users to move to the Sans Serif font which is simple and legible.
  2. Text size – the text size can be increased for easier reading.
  3. Highlighting links – Users can select links with an underline, in order to make them stand out more visually.
  4. Opening external links in the main window – As a default, external links open in a new window. Using the accessibility interface, it is possible to set them to open within the same window.
  5. Stopping videos from running automatically – users with epilepsy may experience an epileptic episode as the result of videos. Using the accessibility bar, you can cancel automatic videos on the site.


We aspire to support a broad range of browsers and technology that assist insofar as is possible, to allow our users to select the most appropriate tools for them, with the fewest possible limitations. We support all browsers that represent 95% of the user market segment, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsift Edge, JAWS and NNVDA (screen readers), for both Windows and Mac users.


Despite all the efforts made to allow each and every user to adapt the site for their use, there may still be pages or segments which are not fully accessible, which are in the process of being made accessible or for which a technological solution to make them accessible is still lacking.

If you’ve encountered a glitch, or are having difficulty using any aspect of the site, or if you have ideas for improvement, we would be pleased to hear. You can reach Bat Adler, our Accessibility Coordinator, directly by email at

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